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Christina Vergona is an illustrator and letterer currently living in Brooklyn.

I grew up in upstate New York and later moved to Georgia, where I spent my awkward years continuing my childhood love of drawing and painting (now while wearing an unfortunate amount of black). After graduating high school, I returned to the northern half of the United States to attend the Rhode Island School of Design, where I majored in Illustration and met some of the most incredible people I know. While at RISD, I gained a greater passion for pen and ink work, elevating what was once a hobby into my primary medium. I fell in love with the precision and detail it offered, and my time in school allowed me to explore and expand upon my enthusiastic, obsessive, and occasionally eye-crossing style.

I moved to Brooklyn in the summer of 2012 following my RISD graduation (go Nads!) and began work as a freelancer and later a full time designer in Manhattan. When I’m not soothing the oncoming carpal tunnel (or adding to it by creating new work), I love reading and cooking, usually crafting enormous Italian meals inspired by my family, which means too much for the number of guests and too rich to really do anything after the gorging. Yum.

I am available to freelance, collaborate, or just say hi! Check out my resume or just drop me a line!

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